About Us

What is the Enrichment Fund?
The Enrichment Fund for the Guilford County Schools is a private, not-for-profit organization which is administered by a volunteer board of directors. It has a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status.

What is the purpose of the Enrichment Fund?
The purpose of the Enrichment Fund is to provide financial support to enhance the educational programs of the Guilford County Schools, to aid students needing financial assistance, and to encourage and reward creativity, innovation and outstanding teaching.

How is the purpose achieved?
The Enrichment Fund provides financial support to schools in the following areas:

  • Mini-Grants - fund classroom projects that nourish and enrich learning.
  • Scholarships - affords individual students the opportunity to participate in educational enrichment and enhanced learning activities that would otherwise be too costly for them.
  • Eberhart Scholarship - provides financial assistance to a graduating senior from a Guilford County Schools high school that may not otherwise be able to attend an institution of higher learning.
  • Ayers Endowment - provides funding for outreach projects which involve students and faculty.
  • Tannenbaum Teacher Award - recognizes an educator, counselor or other staff member for exceptional effort and professional skill in reading instruction and the development of reading competency.
  • Debby Reynolds Award - recognizes an educator, counselor or other staff member who actively and resolutely advocates for children in need.

What financial resources support the Enrichment Fund?
Individuals, businesses, and community organizations support the activities of the Enrichment Fund through their tax-deductible contributions.

What is the history of the Enrichment Fund?
In 1993, the Greensboro Public School Fund, the Greensboro Excellence Fund, the Guilford County Student Enrichment Fund, and the High Point Education Foundation merged their assets to form The Enrichment Fund for the Guilford County Schools. These educational support organizations were combined to continue the strong commitment to providing enrichment and encouragement to our students and teachers through the wise investment of funds. The combined funds of these organizations, which represent donations across Guilford County, are established as Endowed and Donor Advised Funds at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. Each year the proceeds from these investments are available for allocation through our programs.

Annually the Enrichment Fund's programs provide more than $98,000 in scholarships, grants and awards.